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Jon of Byron I   was   referred   to   Neal   by   a   friend   after we     had     some     difficulty     with     our current   computer   repair   specialist   at one    of    our    physical    therapy    clinics. Neal   was   able   to   thoroughly   diagnose our   current   issues   and   remediate   the problem   effectively   and   efficiently.   He also    understands    the    importance    of having   a   business’s   computer   system up     and     running     and     the     loss     of revenue   that   takes   place   when   it   is down.   He   has   often   stopped   by   after hours   to   pick   up   our   machines   or   has stayed     additional     hours     until     the problem   is   solved.   In   addition,   he   will always    try    to    present    you    with    the most   cost   effective   way   to   tackle   the problem     at     hand,     which     is     much appreciated   as   a   business   owner.   We have    been    so    pleased    with    Neal’s work    that    he    is    now    our    computer specialist   for   all   seven   of   our   physical therapy locations!
Jennifer of Rockford NATH   Tech   is   my   go-to   source   for   technology   needs.      My   business   relies   on   the   remote   back-up   service,   as   well   as the   quick   responses   to   issues   as   they   arise.     As   a   small   company   without   the   resources   to   have   a   dedicated   on-staff technology person, we have the very next best thing with NATH Tech, Inc. Terry & Lynn of Cherry Valley We   have   used   NATH   Tech   for   the   past   six   years.      We   have   found   them   to   be   very   attentive   to   our   needs   as   a company   and   in   our   home.      After   servicing   our   network   for   years   we   also   purchased   a   telephone   system   through NATH   because   we   relied   on   the   support   he   could   provide   on   that   system   also.      What   I   appreciate   about   NATH   is they   react   promptly   when   we   are   in   need.      When   a   nearby   transformer   was   struck   by   lightning   and   took   out   our system.   NATH   had   us   up   and   running   in   a   matter   of   hours   with   no   loss   of   information!      We   are   a   small   company   that cannot   afford   to   employ   an   IT   person,   but   NATH   reacts   to   all   our   requests   no   matter   how   small.      From   servers,   new desktops,   remote   access,   system   updates,   website   help,   and   many   more   things   NATH   comes   through   for   us   no matter how small the request. Conrad of Rockford 1. NATH is reliable.  When they commit to a meeting or a service call, they are there. 2. NATH is educated.  The suggestions for improvements to systems or repairs to systems is with the most recent innovations. 3. NATH is professional.  Comments and explanations are well explained with technology at whatever level is necessary. 4. NATH is friendly and fairly priced for the services.  No more explanation needed on that.
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